Dear Santa...Itʻs Kili again!

Dear Santa...Itʻs Kili again!

Dear Santa,

Remember me...Kili? I wrote to you last year but not sure if you ever got that letter...I didn't get the cords that I really wanted but don't worry, I found some laying around the house.

Anyways, I know it's Christmas Eve and scare the $#*! out of me so I never got to tell you what I wanted.

I think I have been mostly least as good as an almost 2 year old could be. Who doesn't have the occasional screaming throw yourself on the ground tantrum? And what good sister wouldn't terrorize her big brother? I have been a great big sister too! I like to give Mehana lots of kisses. Are you convinced yet that I have been good? 

I've narrowed my list down to three things because I don't think anyone got me these yet...



I just love sprinkles. Any kind really...confetti sprinkles, jimmies, long as they are colorful I want them. The best kind is the ones that color my fingers and mouth - especially if we are getting ready to go out to a party! 



I like to drive my parents crazy by sticking stuff in my mouth again. I really had fun playing with my brother's marbles from the marble run tower. Sometimes I try to see how many I can get in my mouth before they notice. I don't get why they get so upset...



I like to color. My parents always try to get me to use the baby crayons but I want the big kid stuff...markers. I especially love sharpies. It must be a really good marker because no one lets me play with them. They are my favorite because when I color my hands and feet they are nice and dark and it doesn't come off! 




Thanks again Santa! I know you're a scary man terrorizing other kids right now but I promise I'll love you next year (maybe) if you drop some of this stuff off at my house this year! 




Kili girl

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